I'm Christoffer Jensen, and welcome to my electroinc buisness card!

Me, in short

In these years I'm a student at University of Aarhus. I'm studying computer science, and it's great fun! Do you wonna know more, here are my basic contact informations.

Phone: +45 60 12 67 35


If you wanna know more, feel free to look around.

About my work and education

Right now I study computer science on University of Aarhus, started August 2014.
Before that, my education history looked like this:
2014-now: University of Aarhus
2010-2013: Vejle Tekniske Gymnasium
2009-2010: Sydvestjyllands Efterskole
1999-2009: Bøgballe Friskole

I have also been working a few places:
2013-2014: Minkfarm
2010-2013: Statoil
2006-2009: Kragelund Smede- og Maskinfabrik
2005-2006: Arbejdet på landet

My interests

I spent my sparetime doing different kinds of stuff. In the winter it’s mostly indoor activities like reading, watching movies or series, hanging out with friends and family, or sports, that’s available indoor. I like working out, badminton and volleyball.
In the summertime, my time is filled up with similar activities, plus a bit more sports. I also like bicycling and running, and when the water is right, water skiing.

Vibeke på vandski

This is from the summer of 2014, where my wife tries water skiing for the first time!

Social media

Check me out on the social media!

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Social media Social media

Where you reach me

My basic contact information is to be found on the startup page (click my image), the rest is here.

Adress: Åbogade 15, 8200 Aarhus